Debt Collection Procedure in Turkey

There are two main frameworks to start debt collection proceedings in Turkey: enforcement proceedings without a court judgment (ilamsız icra takibi) and enforcement proceedings with a court judgment (ilamlı icra takibi). This article examines Turkey’s debt collection system and answers the question on how to collect a debt owed to you in Turkey. A. Enforcement…


Mediation as a Pre-Condition for Commercial Disputes in Turkey

The amendments to Law no. 7155 “Law on Commencement of the Proceedings Relating to Pecuniary Claims Originating from Subscription Contract” which entered into force on its date of publicity on 19 December 2018 in the Official Gazette, introduced a mandatory mediation process before litigation for commercial disputes starting from 1 January 2019. Article 20 of…


Possible issues in yacht construction

Turkish shipyards start super-yacht building projects without the signing of any formal contract. Without a well drafted, comprehensive yacht-building contract, the parties may fall into dispute easily, which may cause the whole project to fail Most market reports suggest that Turkish shipyards start super-yacht building projects without the signing of any formal contract. Without a well drafted, comprehensive yacht-building contract, the parties may fall into dispute easily, which may…