Debt Collection Procedure in Turkey

There are two main frameworks to start debt collection proceedings in Turkey: enforcement proceedings without a court judgment (ilamsız icra takibi) and enforcement proceedings with a court judgment (ilamlı icra takibi). This article examines Turkey’s debt collection system and answers the question on how to collect a debt owed to you in Turkey. A. Enforcement…


Гражданство Турции путем инвестиций

В соответствии с Указом Президента Турецкой Республики № 106 вступившим в законную силу от 19 сентября 2018 г.  –  сократил лимиты инвестиций, позволяющие иностранцам получить Гражданство Турции. Инвесторам необходимо выбрать только один из следующих вариантов: Инвестиции в основной капитал на сумму не менее 500 000 долларов США или эквивалентную сумму в турецких лирах либо другой…


Mediation as a Pre-Condition for Commercial Disputes in Turkey

The amendments to Law no. 7155 “Law on Commencement of the Proceedings Relating to Pecuniary Claims Originating from Subscription Contract” which entered into force on its date of publicity on 19 December 2018 in the Official Gazette, introduced a mandatory mediation process before litigation for commercial disputes starting from 1 January 2019. Article 20 of…


Regulation on the amendments to the regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish citizenship law

Article 20, sub-article 2(b) of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, which entered into force on 11 February 2010 with the Council of Ministers Decision No. 2010/139, was amended by the Presidential Decree No. 418 which was published in the Official Gazette on the date 6 December 2018. Pursuant to the…


Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies in Turkey

The most famous and on-demand type of Cryptocurrency is “Bitcoin” and it was first introduced late 2008. Cryptocurrency has firstly entered Turkey in 2009 and has caught the attention of many investors and entrepreneurs almost immediately. The rapid growth of the practice and exploration of the usage of Cryptocurrency in Turkey has been noticeable especially…


Reduction in Investment Amount When Applying for Turkish Citizenship

On 19.09.2018, the Official Gazette published the Presidential Decree No. 106 amending Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law laying down the conditions on which Turkish citizenship is obtained. Pursuant to these amendments indicated in the Presidential Decree, the quantitative limits set for the investments in capital and real estate have…


New routes to acquire Turkish Citizenship under the New Regulation

New routes to acquire Turkish Citizenship under the New Regulation In this article, we intend to provide general information and procedure for the exceptional acquiring of a Turkish Citizenship under the new regulation introduced by the Turkish Government on 12.12.2016. Before moving into the new regulation in detail, under the current rules Turkish Citizenship can…


Structural changes on the unlicensed renewable electricity generation in Turkey

The new regulations for amending the Regulation on Unlicensed Electricity Generation in the Electricity Market (“Amendment Regulation”) and the Communiqué Amending the Communiqué on Unlicensed Electricity Generation in Electricity Market (“Amendment Communiqué”) were published in the Official Gazette on 23 March 2016 which entered into force on the same date. The amendment has structurally changed…


Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Turkish law allows all foreign real persons to purchase real estate in Turkey. Previously, foreign real persons could only purchase real estate in Turkey if their own country allowed Turkish citizens to purchase real estate there. While each property has its own specific considerations and requirements which may affect the procedures for acquisition, this article…


Looking at Anti-Bribery Legislation in Turkey and Beyond

Corruption is a widespread phenomenon in international business transactions all over the World. In accordance with corruption perception index 2014 results, published by Transparency International, Turkey is ranked 64 among 175 countries as most corrupted countries. The index also revealed that Turkey’s score of tackling corruption in 2014 were decreased from 50% to 45 %…


Turkey’s New Arbitration Centre

Turkish National Grand Assembly, after waiting a long time, enacted the Istanbul Arbitration Centre Law and on 29 November 2014, an act numbered 6570 for the establishment of the Istanbul Arbitration Centre was published in the Turkish Official Gazette. The enforcement date of the new law is on 1 January 2015. The Istanbul Arbitration Centre…